Find out what some of our clients have to say about Pacific Fund Systems:

“Pacific Fund System’s PFS-PAXUS is a world leading specialist accounting and administration application system designed specifically for use in the alternative fund administration industry. At SANNE we chose PFS-PAXUS due to the system’s ability to deliver an integrated solution offering a straight through processing solution for our functional teams.  PFS-PAXUS integrates all parts of the administration process that traditionally had to be done on separate systems, incorporating the securities portfolio, allocation system, general ledger, fee calculation and share registry module into one operation. For SANNE, the benefits are clearly visible, in the ability to perform complex fund valuations in a simple and automated fashion, allow us to meet the needs of our clients while reducing not only our risks in calculating NAV’s but our IT overheads as well.”


“As a specialist global fund administrator, Mainstream Fund Services recognises the importance of having the best technology and software in place for our clients. We invest in best-of-breed technologies across our business lines to focus on software that is robust, reliable and scalable. For alternative funds, such as Cayman based hedge funds, private equity funds and fund of funds with series or equalisation requirements, we use PFS-PAXUS fund accounting and administration software from Pacific Fund Systems. PFS-PAXUS’ extensive and integrated functionality across the full range of fund administration principles means we have been able to benefit from improved operational efficiencies, faster valuations and support a large range of complex structures in our constantly evolving industry.”

Mainstream Fund Services

“Pacific Fund System’s PFS-PAXUS is a world leading specialist accounting and administration application system designed specifically for the alternative fund administration industry. At Apex we use PFS-PAXUS to deliver one integrated solution with customer web access built into its core. PFS-PAXUS, with its state-of-the art relational database design, replaces multiple legacy systems and integrates all separate processes including the securities portfolio, allocation system, general ledger, fee calculation and share registry module into one smooth operation. The benefits of Apex using this robust and reliable software for its clients include increased efficiency, reduced risk of error, faster valuation, ability to support complex funds and reduced overall IT costs.”

– Apex Fund Services

“We have been using PFS-PAXUS for over 13 years now and throughout those years we have yet to come across a more user friendly system that integrates the fund accounting, the portfolio processing and the investor services processes so seamlessly. In addition, due to the very high degree of integration, it has made it possible for PFS to also add regulatory reporting for Form PF, FATCA and AIFMD which is so important for our clients in today’s highly regulated environment.”

– Horseshoe Group

“We are focused on growing our fund administration offering, and we believe having PFS-PAXUS as our core technology platform will allow us to drive growth in our business. The breadth of functionality, including online dealing, is very extensive and will put us in an ideal position to administer almost any fund structure that we might be presented with.”

– Essential Fund Services International LLC

“We value long-standing partnerships and view PFS-PAXUS as an important part of our success as a fund administrator. As international administrators who are working across different time zones the integrated system is crucial for us. It means we can meet the varying demands and deadlines relating to net asset value delivery and reporting to shareholders as well as regulators.

– Louvre Fund Services

“Custom House Global Fund Services has been using PFS-PAXUS since its early years. PFS always strives to ensure that PFS-Paxus delivers the best service to our clients by keeping up-to-date with market and regulatory changes. PFS have always been open to discuss major developments within the system that have enabled us to service our clients better and also to target a broader client base. They have always provided immediate assistance around the clock when required and this is greatly appreciated. We value our long-standing relationship with PFS and look forward to the developments ahead.”

– Custom House Global Fund Services Limited

“Pinnacle Fund Services has been a client of Pacific Fund Systems since 2015 and utilises the functionally rich PFS-PAXUS application for all investment and unitholder transaction processing and reporting. At Pinnacle we are dedicated to supplying our global business clients with a comprehensive range of fund administration services as a trusted service partner, and our investment in PFS-PAXUS alongside our talented administration team of well-qualified, experienced and dynamic professionals, enables us to meet those optimised business objectives in a constantly evolving industry.”

– Pinnacle Fund Services

“As an independent administrator offering comprehensive hedge fund, private equity and mutual fund administration services, Portcullis benefit from utilising PFS-PAXUS and its web portal front end, PFS-CONNECT, as it efficiently accommodates all of our fund accounting and transfer agency requirements on a single, integrated solution.”

Portcullis Fund Administration Services

“Atlas Fund Services has been a client of Pacific Fund Systems since 2006, and we can attest to the knowledge, skill, professionalism and responsiveness of the PFS team. By utilizing the functionally rich PFS-PAXUS system, which integrates functionality across the spectrum of fund administration disciplines, we have been able to benefit from improved efficiencies, faster valuations and the ability to support a large range of complex structures in a constantly evolving industry and regulatory landscape.”

Atlas Fund Services

“After careful evaluation LC Abelheim decided to deploy the PFS-PAXUS system to assist us in growing our investment administration solutions business. After a quick and straightforward installation, PFS-PAXUS is now in use to administer all investment and shareholder transaction processing and reporting across the wide variety of fund structures that we operate. PFS-PAXUS has enabled us to automate more operational processes which in turn has provided us with valuable efficiencies and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the team at Pacific Fund Systems”

– LC Abelheim

“JP Fund Administration have used PFS Paxus since 2009 and witnessed the expansion of the platform to incorporate the many regulatory changes over this period. Our fund accountants and transfer agency teams use the system daily, navigating the menus easily to input data, generate reports, trade confirmations and investor statements. From the initial “on-boarding” to discussions on report specifications and general enquiries we have found the PFS Paxus staff responsive to our requests for assistance, with a positive and professional approach.”

JP Fund Administration

“At CommonWealth Fund Services we value our long-standing partnership with PFS and view PAXUS as integral to our success as a fund administrator. By seamlessly integrating fund accounting and shareholder recordkeeping, we have experienced significantly reduced errors and improved efficiencies.”

CommonWealth Fund Services

“Folio Administrators signed up with PFS-PAXUS in 2006 and it quickly became the engine of our operations.  As a niche fund administrator concentrating on small to medium sized funds, PFS-PAXUS has enabled Folio to focus on supporting our customers growth knowing that our technology platform was robust and proactive to the ever evolving alternative Funds industry.”

– Folio Administrators

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