Satisfying customer expectation is ultimately how we all stay in business, however to thrive, a software vendor needs to consistently go above and beyond, and deliver a service and product range that their clients cannot do without. As a software company that is focussed exclusively on the fund servicing industry, we have spent nearly two decades successfully working with clients who share the same dedicated industry focus. Attaining market share in many of the main fund domiciles, and growing a client base can only be achieved if clients are happy and the product retains its competitive edge.

As we look back on what has been a record breaking year at Pacific Fund Systems, we examine some of the core principles that we remain committed to during our day-to-day interaction with clients and prospective clients.

A Partner, not just a Vendor

We value every client, and we want to actively assist them to succeed. Our drive to help a client succeed goes beyond a typical vendor-client relationship, by extending into a partnership that is formed from the very first conversation that makes place.  We work with our clients to help solve their problems to allow them to improve their underlying clients experience. A great working relationship between both parties ultimately results in a happy, long term client and this is the priority outcome for PFS.

Positive Experiences

With an ever-expanding user base, we recognise the importance of positive user experiences of our software. We have a responsibility to continually adapt our products and services to keep up with a changing market, and we continue to develop our software and support services to help our clients achieve their goals. We know if our clients are happy using our products, it is because they meet the objective of helping them to service their clients.

Help to Grow

We structure our licensing models to ensure they are flexible, scalable, competitive. PFS is able to support new businesses alongside accommodating growing businesses and global players. This core principle is built into our operational model. When our clients grow,  either organically or by acquisition, our software aids a smooth transition to migration and consolidation.

A Vendor with Expert Industry Knowledge

We understand that a client doesn’t just need software – they need a vendor who understands the industry in sufficient detail so as to be able to understand problems that arise using the software, and help solve them. We provide our clients with expert knowledgeable support, skilled consultants, and insightful materials that help connect the software with their business, to maximise the value of our partnership.

At Pacific Fund Systems we understand how the industry works, and we understand your business.
Whether you’re a fund administrator, a fund manager, a family office, or private equity firm, PFS-PAXUS will give you results that you need.


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