PFS’ innovative solutions are offered to fund administrators seeking the technical and servicing competencies to keep customers satisfied today and into the future.

In line with the aim of staying ahead of current technological trends and the efficiencies they create, PFS is currently enhancing its offering with the planned delivery of PFS-PAXUS via the cloud, with a Software-as-a-Service option targeted for launch in 2017.

The existing client-hosted model will continue to be offered in parallel with the new Software-as-a-Service model, providing new and existing clients with an enhanced range of hosting and deployment options.

As such, PFS-PAXUS and PFS-CONNECT will be deployed in the cloud delivering an alternative hosting option for clients looking to use best of breed hosting, set up and technical support for PFS-PAXUS, PFS-CONNECT and related interfaces.

PFS-CLOUD will offer existing and future clients the opportunity to mitigate IT costs, improve flexibility to scale software usage and increase focus on core business activities without compromising security or user experience.

The main advantage of a cloud deployment is the saving in time and costs as users don’t need to invest in new hardware or software, eliminating the need for expensive updates and the cost of maintenance for the IT infrastructure. The resulting implementation is quick and effective. With PFS-CLOUD users can scale up or down as needed, adding or removing modules as required and most importantly, paying only for what is needed and for what is used creating less redundancy and more cost efficiency.

The PFS-CLOUD initiative will allow PFS to manage the PFS-PAXUS environment in the cloud, working directly with leading global data hosts. Services will include new release updates, interface maintenance and environment tuning. With the number of interfaces expected to grow in scale and complexity it will make technical and financial sense to have PFS experts managing the PFS-PAXUS technology environment on behalf of clients, in turn allowing those administrators to focus on their core business.

PFS is committed to continuing to build upon this client focussed, technology led ethos, to support its strong market position both now and into the future.

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