Pacific Fund Systems is a leading supplier of global fund administration software for alternative and traditional funds. Our range of software solutions automate and simplify the work processes of fund administrators and investment managers by replacing multiple legacy systems with PFS-PAXUS, a fully-integrated, functionally rich, sophisticated solution that has PFS-CONNECT web access built into its core.

PFS-CONNECT is a real-time 24/7 web portal that enables fund managers, investors and other authorised thirdparties to access their information online. PFS-CONNECT communicates directly with the PFS-PAXUS database providing users with access to the latest available information including a dashboard, fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and much more. Most configuration options for PFS-CONNECT are maintained in the core PFS-PAXUS database, ensuring seamless integration, minimal IT support requirements, maximum reliability and ease of use.

Access to PFS-CONNECT is tightly controlled with the administration and validation of user credentials being highly automated via PFS-PAXUS, including the generation of advisory emails and letters.

With an extensive range of functionality combined with advanced reporting abilities and comprehensive regulatory coverage, PFS-PAXUS and PFS-CONNECT equip fund administrators the next-generation administrative technologies necessary to meet the ever increasing needs of clients, investors and regulators operating within a progressively diverse and dynamic environment. PFS-CONNECT can be white labelled with either the Fund Administrator or the Fund Manager’s branding, logo and colour scheme.


Key Features of PFS-CONNECT include:


Once successfully logged into PFS-CONNECT and appropriately authorised, investors can be given the ability to:

  • View their share registry holdings, pending orders and transactions, all reflecting the latest available value.
  • Utilise the multiple tools provided to track both fund performance and individual rates of return, with access graphs and tables that reflect the fund’s NAV performance over specified periods of time.
  • Receive onscreen warning and reminders regarding any outstanding AML documentation, and any outstanding workflow items (e.g. original signed subscription form).
  • Access all historical information on their investments.
  • View investor documents that the administrator has made available including NAV Statements, Capital Calls, investor distribution statements, Private Equity Distribution statements and Trust Distribution tax statements generated from PFS-PAXUS.
  • Change PFS-CONNECT password, view contact details , change and review account information, including account of record banking details.
  • View available fund documentation, such as the latest subscription documents and fund offering memorandum, for example.
  • Certain investors can also be provided with access to fund transparency documentation, such as the fund portfolio positions and balance sheets etc. This access can be further defined, with a number of additional options available to limit this access, including delaying options (e.g. portfolio information to be made available but with 1-month delay).


Once successfully logged into PFS-CONNECT and appropriately authorised, Investors, their employees and their advisors can place share registry transaction orders directly via the PFS-CONNECT portal, providing the investor with a self-service fund order platform.Investors can instruct orders individually or place multiple orders at the same time via a file upload, both of which will be subject to the same validation rules that exist in PFS-PAXUS e.g. a subscription below the minimum value permissible will be flagged accordingly.

The types of share registry transactions that can be accepted via PFS-CONNECT can be tailored, for example an investor profile can be set up to only allow a subscription order into a fund in which is it already invested.


Where appropriately appointed and authorised to do so, financial advisors can be provided with a PFS-CONNECT login to access the same features and information as the Investors.

Financial advisors can be authorised to view this information for all of the investors they act as Agent for via a single login, and they can also be given access to various commission related information where they are a recipient, including trailer fee and front end fee reports covering both accruals and payments.


PFS-CONNECT provides Managers with 24/7 self-service access to their fund information. Once successfully logged into PFS-CONNECT and appropriately authorised, Managers are able to:

  • Access a wide range of reports such as portfolio reports, valuation reports and financial reports, and if appropriately authorised, these can be real-time.
  • View a dashboard feature that provides a visual display of relevant and important information, including top 10 positions, performance graph, historical tables of investor activity and current AUM.
  • PFS-CONNECT offers a separate dashboard for Private Equity funds that has Private Equity specific measures such as IRRs included.
  • Utilise the PFS-CONNECT portal to approve share registry transactions online and automatically update the PFS-PAXUS workflow module with these approvals.
  • View all Investor account, Investor holdings, Investor transactions market values and all historical transactions.
  • Approve NAV calculations via PFS-CONNECT. Where approval is given this is reflected automatically in the PFS-PAXUS database.


PFS-CONNECT offers a documents repository area where the fund administrators and managers can place supporting documentation (supporting spreadsheets etc.) for access by the Investors, Advisors and Managers. Such documentation can be inserted with ease via a menu function in the core PFS-PAXUS system or via PFS-CONNECT itself in the case of fund managers.

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